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Traveller 102053 10 days

Dilip 20 days

I'm unhappy schedule was changed from 930am to 1230pm. Aircond stopped mid way in hot weather! but resumed again after 15 mins. Minivan is just ok. Seats comfortable. Driver is skillful and on time. Can do better with no schedule change and better van

Traveller 11897 24 days

Put too much things in van. And stop picking peoples alone the road. Alot of stop.

English Rose 26 days

I have used this app a few times now and have used the same bus company called Ekareach Express from Kampot to Phnom Penh and back. I would use again and I would recommend anyone Giat Ibis or Ekareach Express if you want a good service and stay alive!

Traveller 101986 28 days

Phirum about 2 months

Drive used the phone while driving.

Traveller 100902 about 2 months

Traveller 94044 about 2 months

Lawrence about 2 months

The driver was just great, making the best out of a road that's about half way done, and has a completion date of 10/2022. The air conditioning in the van worked well. No unnecessary risky moves. Overall, about as good as it gets!

Traveller 100771 about 2 months

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