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Traveller 73737 over 4 years

Traveller 60701 over 4 years

Armance almost 5 years

Great travel but the departure was 30 minutes late.

Traveller 62776 almost 5 years

I used to travel with Cambotra several time. The previous drivers were good driving even different divers. But this time I was not lucky that I met the driver who drove like crazy. He seemingly didn’t take care the customers in his van.

Traveller 61968 almost 5 years

Traveller 73737 almost 5 years

Nora Seng almost 5 years

Rattled! almost 5 years

Minivan so rattled and shook to pieces at journey end due to fast driving and bad roads! Pickup one hour late. Just took much longer than expected. Normal I guess!

Traveller 10075 almost 5 years

Rain almost 5 years

No seatbelts! Very fast driver and not very polite to passengers.

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