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Lisa K over 6 years

Very late being picked up and then packed into a mini van with the driver trying to sit his mates on top of us! Not good at all when you pay money for a seat! Appalling service.

Next time Aircraft over 6 years

None ToDisplay over 6 years

Driver smoked in van / 2 hours delay but all together ok

Rider Z over 6 years

Please, for the love of your comfort, DO NOT RIDE CHAMPA MEKONG! Our booking said "VIP VAN" but the van that we rode was not anywhere near "VIP". The van was dilapidated, A/C doesn't seem to be working, they try to fit in too many passengers and luggage!

Late over 6 years

Bus left an hour late without explanation or update from office. The bus we rode on was different from the one we'd made reservations on. Seats were cramped and uncomfortable. We arrived more than an hour late.

Marta over 6 years

Departure should be at 7.30 am, we left at 8.15 am by different bus. It was big mess nobody didnt know anything.

Marc over 6 years

Finally good, but late. They said us "is a direct bus and in 3-3'5 hours you will arrive to Kep" but finally we arrived 4'5h later and we needed to change the bus because the first stop was in Kampot...

Regular Bookmebus Patron over 6 years

Champa Mekong overbooked our VIP van and we were relocated to another company. The ticketing inspector was accommodating (fortunately) and by all appearances, we lucked out with a far superior company. Avoid Champa Mekong at all costs!

sheila over 6 years

Champa Mekong had over sold tickets for this bus. They had no clear records or system to know how many seats had been sold, and blamed everyone else for their confusion and poor service. As it was there was 6 more people than seats, leaving people behind.

Sébastien Duquenoy over 6 years

Good overall experience. Easy way to take the bus when booking via Driver was good and we didn't encounter any particular bad experience.

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