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Passenger about 20 hours

Your driver drove the minibus like a maniac. Far too fast. At one point he overtook a car that was already overtaking a lorry at the same time. Dangerous. I would not use your service again if all your drivers are like that.

Dy 1 day

Everything is Ok, but driver should be slowly.

Rowena Mathew 2 days

It was SO GOOD to get dropped off at Phnom Penh Airport and not have to go into the CBD and out again. I'm so grateful to the customer reps. at Sihanoukville office for making this happen. The bus driver was great too! I'm not sure what 'inspector' means.

Nebojsa 2 days

Late in start, full of boxes and bags, no leg room at all.

mel 2 days

Quick, accurate, comfortable. Little room for luggage, but overall it was fine. Took less than 4.5 hours to get to Phnom Penh from Sihanoukville.

Katie 2 days

The scarriest ride of my life.Driver did not take any responsibility,no english spoken,super over-speeding the whole time,when I asked him to slow down he said NO.Do not risk your life and choose some other company.NEVER AGAIN

thierry 3 days

Excellent service and good price. Nothing bad to say, I would recommend it anytime.

Verena 4 days

Good bus

Laura 9 days

Decent mini van, good driver who stopped 3 times for bathroom/food breaks. The ride is long though (6hours) as there was traffic leaving Phnom Phnom Pehn. I’d use this company again, it was cheap and easy!

Thomas 9 days

Great service for a very reasonable price. We were picked up (for free) from our hotel about the time the bus was scheduled to leave town and we ultimately left Phnom Penh 45 minutes late. We had 2 stops for food and restroom. We would use them again

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