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KIN LYHOV about 1 hour

The driver drive too fast! Also the company of receptionist speak impolite with customer

Miss Julie 1 day

A really interesting cross country journey. The minivan was overcrowded and uncomfortable. One poor girl sick during the trip. Kept ontime regardless of who was in the way!

Fred 2 days

Inspector and Overall: I don't know what is it

Lisa 3 days

To be honest, I never want to ride this again. The driver drove like a straight-up lunatic. We saw a child who had just been killed, he was still lying on the road and the driver still sped through the towns like a bat out of hell. Never again!!

Vanna Raty 4 days

Love it but the seat is not too comfortable

Vanna Raty 4 days

Easy booking and save time ... but some bus companies aren't in the app ... love it anyway

Paul Coveney 4 days

After hearing lots of negative reviews of the drivers on this trip I was pleasantly surprised. The driver did try to make progress in the traffic but it was done in a safe manner generally . Left 45 minutes late and arrived 2 hours late. (due to traffic)

Singapore 5 days

Long 6 days

I booked this to Sihanoukville, pls note: there is no Wifi in the car, never; it took me 5.5 hrrs to reach there, and 7.5 hrs to return on Sat. Legs compartment are designed for Hobbit. If you are tall, book the seats behind driver.

aramsey 7 days

Van was a little cramped but manageable. Not the most comfortable but if you are not fussy, this is ok

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