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Patrick 5 days

The company was not welcoming. The toilet there was filthy and they didn’t give us toilet paper. Not enough room. One couple left after 10 min of drive because of space. The driver then picked up some locals from the street who brought foul smelling food

Kuba 5 days

Took SHK-PP. Typical local "VIP": poor condition of van, seats are hard, suspension is nonexistent, AC struggled to cool, driver is Formula 1 racer. Only plus is we made it in 4 hours, which is the fastest time I've seen so far. Risky shaky rollercoaster.

Martin 6 days

Was all good, just a bit too hot in the van.

Moon face 6 days

The service is fine, the departure was actually on time but the vip van was kind of old and when it drived, it made a lot of noices. It looked new from outside but not the inside. So it was really like I was taking a normal 42 seats old bus, not a VIP one

Natalia 6 days

The driving was too dangerous, we were really scared and couldn’t complain because the driver didn’t understand English. The rest was ok but safety is first, so I would not recommend traveling with this company.

Would travel with this company again 7 days

Bus left precisely on time and has all the necessities for a comfortable trip - aircon worked well, reclining chairs & free water bottle was appreciated. However the driver does do multiple stops on the way to pick up locals.

Amina 7 days

Good driver, comfortable seat, fast wifi. I had a trip from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh (11:30) which supposed to be 4 h. We arrived in 3h55mins even though we had 3 stops. Defiantly recommend you the Bayoun VIP bus.

Sokcheat Thon 7 days

He always pick up the other guests along the way. Stop for lunch unsuitable time and didn’t care about foreigners who can’t eat local foods.

Ron 8 days

Seat No.15 very uncomfortable. Seat was very hard. 30 mins later for departure. AC was fairly ok.

Vitu 10 days

The driver was on the phone the whole trip!! His was driving like his soul was not with his body.

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