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Bayon VIP Van BTB-PP 3 days

Car was nice. AC was working well. Driver was great. I had told him I need to make a bus connection in Phnom Penh. He respected time, and even made sure other passengers do it too. Only stopped when needed, and even dropped me off where I needed to go.

Larisa 6 days

Very well traveled. The driver made several stops for the toilet. Accomodation not used.

SIM Vongvitou 10 days

Driver drive too fast and it nearly get accident.

Franco 10 days

Maybe for foreign people could be better if driver speak english

Horrible back row of VIP Express Van 10 days

The back seats should be less expensive since they are incredibly uncomfortable. Be wary when booking these seats.

Took 11 days

Driver use telephone always being drive. But he so kindness with guess.

Nicholas 11 days

The back of the van was so hot! We both got almost sick from the heat. I had to fan us the whole way to be even ok. The vents were broke, some missing. We almost got out early as it was really hot. Add in the roads and it might be our last trip in vip van

houngmengsoung 18 days

Zoe 18 days

The minivan was pretty small and narrow. BUT great service! We were late and the bus waited for us. The driver was very nice and smiley. Thanks very much!!

Raphael 18 days

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