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Traveller 8696 9 months

Everything to be improved 9 months

The driver has felt as Schumacher, good that we arrived alive ... the bus was very tiny

Georgia Cook 9 months

Very horrible experience - arrived half an hour late. Then we couldn’t even fit on the seats which were supposed to be “big even to sleep on?” Then; our 6 hour drive ended up being 10 hours, missed our hotel booking - very disappointing

Yoonjae Oh 10 months

Rado 10 months

Ratana Cheng 12 months

Ratana Cheng 12 months

Ger about 1 year

The bus got in the terminal so late! Really bad service!

Sodarith about 1 year

Traveller 7555 about 1 year

This is my second time but never see any improvement. The schedule was late, the beds are narrow that can barely fit the whole body. On our departure, the bus was broken that led us to wait for hours to get a supplement van, but there was not enough space

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