Traveler reviews for Phnom Penh Sorya from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

Anonymous almost 3 years

The bus was 3 HOURS LATE to arrive in Sihanoukville after breaking down and the driver making heaps and heaps of special stops for various passengers after that. We only just made our ferry, very stressful.

Dont use them! about 3 years

We ws two hours because og the driver. The driver was very nice but this bus ride was not okay. Alive chickens around the hot bus. I have backpacked theough Asia for a year, this was the worst bus ride ever!!

Wei Yeh about 3 years

igor sinus sokolov about 3 years

Booking a bus ticket is a very convenient option, but refusing of a pick-up from Phnom Penh airport to Sihanoukville really upset me. Please make a pick-up from the airport and thank you a lot of passengers!

SG about 3 years

Wei Yeh about 3 years

Wei Yeh over 3 years

Robert over 3 years

The seats were very nice and comfortable, but driver was terrible. The AC was cold and when we asked him to turn it down he rudely refused. He stopped us at a bakery then again at a restaurant 30 minutes later so were 90 minutes late. No baggage ticket.