Traveler reviews for Ekareach Express from Kampot to Phnom Penh

Panha over 1 year

The driver hit very fast on the dark and narrow road. The company should have a meeting with him and advice him because there are many passengers in his car, he does not die alone. I swear I will never book ekareach anymore.

Vanna Raty over 1 year

Love it .... the van leave on time

Terrible driver over 1 year

Upside: left on time, did not make unscheduled stops, did not overfill the bus, A/C levels were comfortable. Downside; stopped at one of the less convenient rest stops and the driver drove like a complete madman.

SVC almost 2 years

KAN almost 2 years

+Car departs on time +Good driver

Lars Krause almost 2 years

Kanitha Thai about 2 years

Soputhea Ly about 2 years

Vantha over 2 years

Driver look like Fast Furious 7

Langda over 2 years

Driver look like F1