Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

heng almost 2 years

Driver driving so fast and scare

David almost 2 years

Very fast, comfortable service

KIM SOKCHHENG almost 2 years

Good and Responsive Service. Plase enjoin and try safe and sound on your travel

Anonymous over 2 years

The drive was perfect. We stopped twice for toiletbreak and food. Driver drove safe but fast. The roads were quite good. The wifi worked, we got some water. And we got to our destination 45min early. What more would you want. Great service.

Passenger over 2 years

Your driver drove the minibus like a maniac. Far too fast. At one point he overtook a car that was already overtaking a lorry at the same time. Dangerous. I would not use your service again if all your drivers are like that.

Traveller over 2 years

Horrible accomodation, hardly any space for taller individuals. Driver was a little careless sometimes but overall pretty good.

Pim almost 3 years

There was noisy quite much in the van by talking and phone call. Need more quiet moment on the long journey with many hours. The van was crowded when all seats were booked. Passengers and their luggage made us a little uncomfortable. Wifi is not good.

baksheesh almost 3 years

Have taken this outfit a couple of times and not the best, but better than most. Left PP on time and arrived in SR in just over 5 hours. Van was a bit cramped.

Tomasz over 3 years

Good! Toyota van was comfortable and with air condition. We had one stop in the middle. For those who are afraid of driving - it's Asia guys. Better get used to :) Those people knows how to drive. Even if there is no rules :)

Michelle Forde over 3 years

Really good service. Stopped for bathroom and lunch! Made a long journey enjoyable. Have just booked my return bus!