Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Battambang to Phnom Penh

Bayon VIP Van BTB-PP about 2 years

Car was nice. AC was working well. Driver was great. I had told him I need to make a bus connection in Phnom Penh. He respected time, and even made sure other passengers do it too. Only stopped when needed, and even dropped me off where I needed to go.

Katie over 2 years

Long trip. 7am to 1pm. They said 5 hours but driver did his best although the last stop to wash the van was unnecessary

DS over 2 years

Just a bit insecure when the employee can't speak English. But that's not a big problem.

Oun pichponloeu almost 3 years

Marine almost 3 years

Parti à l’heure, arrivé en avance : rien à dire ! Mais heureusement que j’étais la seule à avoir une valise, car je ne vois pas où on les aurait mises. Et un peu trop de moustiques dans le van...

Clement almost 3 years

On time, fast and a bit scary sometimes with a driver frequently on the phone while driving. Nice van with A/C and wifi

Battambang to Phnom Penh about 3 years

cavaliers nero about 3 years

no WiFi, no in time, too many stops

From Germany about 3 years

Filomena De Tursi almost 4 years