Traveler reviews for CTT Transportation from Kampot to Phnom Penh

Regular Bookmebus Patron over 2 years

The VIP Van was over an hour late arriving. I have NEVER experienced such horrible customer service in a VIP van ticketing/pick-up office as I have using this company in Kampot. Avoid using this company at all costs! Driver was nice and seats were comfy.

Sarath Uch over 2 years

Terrible service ever. I called to ask Support Center. Then they asked me to call to driver directly. He don't even know the area in Kampot. Terrible and never recommend

ckaplan almost 3 years

This was a horrible service- never use. The bus was late but no one called me, and no one picked up when I tried calling. Finally after booking a different bus so that I could get back to PP, they called said it was 2 hrs. late and yelled at me. dont use!

Jonas over 3 years

Very little leg room. The trunk was so small that we had to store people's bags in every crevice. The drive was quick however. Would not recommend mini van to anyone above 185 cm