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Vatey about 6 years

Should have available transportation from Pursat to Phnom Penh as well.

Malin Lok about 6 years

I just want to raise my word to all the drivers/transportation company to consider. I believe that not everyone like the same music. So, it's better to lowering or turning off music. Travel is tiring, I really want to sleep without loud boring musics!

Prom Rithy-Jim over 6 years

Random seat number.

Prom Rithy-Jim over 6 years

Random seat number.

Rachael over 6 years

The ticket I bought said the bus was due to leave at 1:30pm but the driver was adamant I was wrong and it was 2:30pm even though my ticket said 1:30. Didn’t leave till 3pm. Other than that driver made good stops for us all. Comfy seats

Malin Lok over 6 years

Heather Smith over 6 years

There was no VIP van in Poipet. All immigration and bus operators said they do not operate out of Poipet. I asked for the address and you all were unable to provide one. I want a full refund as I had to purchase a new ticket home

Prom Rithy-Jim over 6 years

Tek Punlork over 6 years

Buying ticket through online always given last seat due to inspector has selling our to others . Reason received is they don't know .

David Hunter over 6 years

Our driver was excellent. He got us to our destination quickly and we felt very safe with is expert driving and knowledge of the roads. He was very friendly, always smiling and we liked his choice of music!

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