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Traveller 164923 12 days

Traveller 164923 12 days

Traveller 164923 12 days

Traveller 149234 13 days

Update seating chart and is it needed? 13 days

Seating chart used to make reservation does not match the vehicle for most of our trips. Secondly, the no one would help us when someone was in our reserved seats. We were forced to sit in seats we did not want.

Kim Sokvisal 13 days

Veerle 14 days

The bus left at the given time but it was supposed to arrive at 1.30 am but we arrived at 3 am. The road was really bumpy and the driver was really rushing over it such that the bus was shaking enormously. The beds were comfortable.

Tim 14 days

On time, clean, very good driver

Kimseang 14 days

A little bit later than original departure time but that was fine for person who’s not in any appointment.

Traveller 180229 15 days

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