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Sela SAO about 4 years

Traveller 67031 about 4 years


Heng Eang about 4 years

Rachael about 4 years

Arrived in PP safely and with good time, but the driver stopped 3 times to pick up extra passengers, making the already cramped bus more cramped. Stopped at a ridiculously expensive restaurant, went across the road to the market instead 👍

Sela SAO about 4 years

Puthearak Satsong about 4 years

Traveller 63719 about 4 years

It was overall a save trip to Phonm Penh, but i wish they could have 2 stops for the bathroom usage. We were urgently need the bathroom and the driver was told that they might not have the second stop because it is dark.Actually it was 7 pm at that time.

Tim Sothea about 4 years

Traveller 52900 about 4 years

Driver was looking down at his phone for most of the trip and nearly caused several accidents. He was driving aggressively and using the horn several times per minute even when he was in the wrong. Cambodia roads are too dangerous to drive like this.

Traveller 43635 about 4 years

Good service 👍👌

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