Traveler reviews for THANG VANG PASSENGER SERVICE 168

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TONGHAK HANG about 2 months

Nicole 2 months

Traveller 104880 2 months

To be honest, I don’t know how this app work. I’ve booked a travel ticket of a company from this app. It’s seemed like the bus company and the app don’t work with each other. I can’t even get the seat’s number that I booked. There are more than this...

Traveller 97111 7 months

Izzy 8 months

Departed 15 minutes early as the mini van had everyone on board! Picked people up on route (a couple of stops). Stopped twice for toilet stops before reaching Kratié. Legroom was bad and van full of luggage but normal for mini van. Arrived early!

Erwin Schmid 8 months

Departure in time! Driver was great, drove very carefully. Arrival after 6 hours instead of 5 because of 3 stops.

Traveller 93836 8 months

Traveller 93836 8 months

Cons: 1) Half an hour late from starting point 2) They did change my seat from my online booked seat. 3) Apart from this everything is good

Chloe 9 months

The bus was on time and it brings me in front of my guest house

Katharina 9 months

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