Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Siem Reap to Battambang

Sirius almost 3 years

The trip from siem reap to Battambang was decent. Mekong express 25 seater bus is old but still not too bad. Running AC and no karaoke was a plus. We stopped after 2 1/2 hour at a big petrol station with clean bathrooms and a great coffee shop.

Martin almost 3 years

Good driving! No WiFi available. After some hours water from the air con were dropping on my seat :( do not sit at the last rows!

michael almost 3 years

P almost 3 years

Just a regular bus with karaoke etc, departure delayed 1h, arrival delayed 2h. Still, quite cheap and took me safely to final destination.

Ryan almost 3 years

A great service. It was comfortable with plenty of room. Wifi was reasonable, didn't work in some areas, which is fine. I felt safe and assured of my arrival ;-p

Cintia almost 3 years

Great in every aspect! Departed on time from the place announced in the ticket. Love the bus with air-conditioning. Nice and relaxing trip from siem reap to battambang.

Eng Pheng almost 3 years

Be careful of commands to get off the bus almost 3 years

We stopped for a break when a woman came and told us we must get off the bus and staying on the bus was not allowed. She tried to con me out of $20 for using the toilet and buying some coconut. Beware!!

Carol almost 3 years

Good trip. Driver good. Air con was poor in this particular bus which made it slightly uncomfortable.

Sandy Moore about 3 years

Very good enjoyable journey , left on time and arrived on time no hassles with anything , good value for money pleasant journey , plenty of room , provided water and had a stop for toilet and to stretch legs and to buy drinks and snacks . Would use again.