Traveler reviews for TCT Mondulkiri Express from Mondulkiri to Phnom Penh

Kris about 3 years

Rose about 3 years

Journey not great. Bus so packed with boxes etc, was nowhere for my legs which was very uncomfortable; aisle was full so if had been an accident we would be trapped. Also driver drove very fast on wet roads on wrong side of road on his phone; I was scared

M about 3 years

Won't use this company again about 3 years

The drive drove very fast and overtook cars on curves during torrential rain. There were many stops along the way with many delays. We sat in seats 3 & 4 and were blocked in by large packages. We couldn't get out at the rest areas due to the boxes.

HP over 3 years

The express van was comfortable, but in this particular van, the seats did not recline, so it was a little difficult to sleep.