Traveler reviews for Nattakan from Siem Reap to Bangkok

Maria over 1 year

Trip has been way way better than our trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap which the driver easily gets annoyed when trying to clarify something in English since he cannot understand us. The driver and inspector for our Siem Reap to Bangkok trip is really nice.

Lia about 2 years

Everything was fine except that our departure delayed for about an hour without any notification. The bus was okay, they gave us snack and lunch. Eventhough the bus crew can not speak english, I think they are quite friendly :)

Raphael D over 2 years

Crossing the boarder to thailand was a huge mess, but this wasn't the fault of the bus company

Claudia over 2 years

Very disappointing! Price nearly twice than comparable companies (i.e. Giant Ibis), service much worse. Hardly any of the advertised (really old Bus, no WiFi, no Snacks). Bus broke down after 100km. Had to be picked up by the following one 1 hour later.

Mackie over 2 years

The ride was smooth. I felt safe. Thank you.

Kikomar over 2 years

We had a great experience except for a little delay for the pick up driver option to arrive. We left at probably 9am and arrived at 6pm in BKK.

Eduardo Colonia over 2 years

The bus was so much better than the one from Bangkok to Siem Raep. Air conditioner was good and stable, more space in between seats.

M. T. over 2 years

After waiting in a very long line to cross the Thailand border, our bus was not even there to pick us up so we waited for well over an hour for the bus to arrive! This caused many people to be aggravated. It should be better organized and on time!

Jay O over 2 years

Stefania Peraga over 2 years

We arrive earlier (4hs). Everything was ok. No wifi.