Traveler reviews for Cambotra Express

Sarith Nob 4 days

Traveller 119117 4 days

Traveller 107433 8 days

Good service

Traveller 121588 11 days

Very good service and driver is very friendly.

Traveller 56167 17 days

Cambotra Express is low service too much. I had been trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Provice last week. And I know this company not yet have bus stop at Siem Reap Provice and why the driver when arrived at Siem Reap Provice he doesn’t ask the customers.

Traveller 106469 18 days

Traveller 106469 18 days

Traveller 118674 21 days

Traveller 99592 21 days

Traveller 119090 22 days