Traveler reviews for Larryta Express

Houk Chak about 1 hour

I really like the Company's service.

Traveller 13343 about 21 hours

Franz 2 days

The bus was clean and obviously technically in good shape - was a pleasant ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. The driver was very good - fast, but safe driving. Overall very happy with the transportation service provided. Booking platform also excellent!

Pai 3 days

Drive quit too fast and lane cut with sudden break many times

Pai 3 days

all things are good but still late for departure and no check Temperature for passengers

Panha 3 days

Took 1pm SHK/PP, arrived 6pm as per schedule. Went through Kampot, which caused discontent amongst passengers as no one was aware of detour. Driver drove dangerously fast. Van was 10-15 year old with back seats smaller then rest of seats.

Marc theate 8 days

Departure had 25 min delay. Driver didn't smile one time. Some explanation at stop in English should be great.

Adam BIT 13 days

Late departure 30 mins due to passengers late coming.

Adam Bit 13 days

Late 30 mins departure

Cheang Sokny 13 days