Traveler reviews for Speed Ferry Cambodia

Jason 5 months

I booked the 10am boat and arrived at the pier at 9:30. There isn't a 10am boat, only 9am and 11:30am. Had to wait an extra 2 hours...

Inge-Eva Nostadt 5 months

Sandra Brooks 6 months

Brian 6 months

I traveled on Chinese New Year's and it was very full.. All the seats on the boat were filled as was the rear deck. Beyond that, there were at least 15 people standing between the seats. It appeared to be overloaded and unsafe. For sure a problem.

Patricia 6 months

The boat was crammed and was told to get off at the wrong stop resulting in having to spend a further$40 for canoe taxi to koh Rong Sanleon.

Maria 7 months

Fine ride, just few minutes late from initial departure. All good.

Solomita GIOVANNI 7 months

Solomita GIOVANNI 7 months

Liam 8 months

The Company office has relocated to the Yasmin Cafe beside the pier. Our taxi driver advised us of this. We were not advised of this by the company. Ferry left an hour and ten minutes late.

Jay Vhea 10 months