Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Matt almost 3 years

Bus was quick, safe, and got us to PP in good time.

Tomek almost 3 years

Very fast driver

Luna almost 3 years

There was a lot of noise on all of the trip: music and loud talk from the driver and some of the passengers. The driver drove very fast and we felt a bit insecure.

attala88 almost 3 years

Excellent service. The driver stopped regularly, and everything was on time. Nice, clean bus.

Cheth about 3 years

Thai Nguyen about 3 years

A good service! Thanks you so much

Michelle Forde about 3 years

I booked the return journey with bayon as my outward journey was great. The bus arrived late, there was already people in our seats booked, the driver was really rude and unhelpful. There was also no WiFi on the bus in which was advertised! Not great!