Traveler reviews for Cambodia Post VIP Van from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

Gavin Tsai about 3 years

Sihanoukville to PP. As usual it was a pleasant journey with the Cambodian Post van. The van was late but it was due to the bad traffic from Phnom Penh. Two pit stops picking up mails on the way. Van almost empty. Comfortable and good good driving.

ExPat about 3 years

A great experience, about 3 years

I felt safe, it had good wifi and was clean and efficient... will use again

Roman over 3 years

Fast, safe and cheap.

David over 3 years

I was the only one in the van at first and then they picked up 5 people along the way. Had an empty seat next to me. The driver drove very defensively. Stopped along the way for lunch. Made a post office stop. Overall would recommend, good experience

Mandy over 3 years

The bus was new, clean and well maintained. There was a lot of mail onboard so space at the rear was limited. We had a late arrival thanks to heavy traffic and wet conditions but overall, a comfortable journey.

Jacqui over 3 years

We were late leaving. Cleaning the van to the driver meant taking the rubbish and throwing it onto the ground in front of the van. He drove at least half the distance back to P.P on the wrong side of the road. The wifi didn't work.

Ruth Kusionowicz over 3 years

Another easy, stress-free trip with Cambodia Post. Good driver and punctual. No free bottle of water this time, but got free wifi. The post office is a fair way out of town though, with no cafes or shops nearby to snack or drink while waiting to leave.