Traveler reviews for Nattakan from Siem Reap to Bangkok

AKA Mauricio almost 3 years

Renz almost 3 years

The driver was fast, I mean efficient in covering the drive time. The experience was amazing. I wish the cabin was a little bit roomier

Kryz almost 3 years

The inspector was very helpful and friendly. Didn't expect the free food. So that was a bonus. Thanks :)

Hydee Tusi almost 3 years

Bus has low aircon so it's hot during our trip. Toilet is not clean.

Carter almost 3 years

Smooth all through immigration and comfortable ride. Not over crowded with good A/C

Jakub Rokicki almost 3 years

The journey was good, no delays. We arrived a bit ahead of the schedule which was good. The organization of our group on the border could have been better - we were a bit confused where to go

Evi almost 3 years

Probably the best company I you looking for a smooth Thailand (poipet) border crossing

Emile Derache about 3 years

Firstly, toilet stops are very random. Sometimes there are 4, Sometimes none. Second : the driver will try to scam you in buying a visa of cambodja with him for 40 dollars instead of at the border. At last: the driver drives very dangerously

Jeffrey about 3 years

Solo traveller- Strongly recommended. Worth the price, service provided was excellent. Inspector spoke English which was especially helpful at foreign customs. Warm lunch was provided. Inspector made sure everyone is accounted for before move off.

Dorien about 3 years

Very good ride to Bangkok! Nice bus, friendly staff and even a decent lunch after you cross the border. Only the place where you will be dropped off in Bangkok is a bit difficult to find a cheap ride to the city. But overall a nice bus ride!