Traveler reviews for Ekareach Express from Phnom Penh to Kampot

Kim almost 4 years

Forkntalk almost 4 years

Bus left a little late, but that was because they waited for a passenger to arrive. Traffic was very heavy in Phnom Pehn, so it took a while to get out of the city because of that. Once outside we went fairly fast. The driver was very good and careful.

karim almost 4 years

As all the rest of the customer said - WiFi is advertised but with no surprise, not available

Langda almost 4 years

Nice Ford big seat

baksheesh almost 4 years

Have taken the PP-Kampot trip a few times with this outfit. Mostly empty van during the week, and the driver goes fast but not reckless. Good van with seatbelts.

Miquel almost 4 years

baksheesh almost 4 years

Clean vehicle, left on time. As the only passenger it was more like a chauffeured limo service - and kudos for not cancelling the trip. Made great time (PP-Kampot in 2.5 hours) without any insane driving.

Vladimir Rodionov almost 4 years

The only problem in general is 1 hr re get out from Phnom Penh.

Elena about 4 years

Everything is good in overall

Kristine Andersen about 4 years