Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

hemu over 2 years

Professional Service to Ho Chi Minh almost 3 years

I was happy with their excellent service. There was absolutely no hassle or stress at the border and we made it through quickly.

Jason Gibson almost 3 years

I left my wallet on board after I left the bus and the guy in the service depot called the driver to look for it. The driver found it under my seat and it was returned the next day minus £50. No one had been on the bus other than Mekong staff. thieves.

Gary muir almost 3 years

Was good and like a real bed just little smaller and they had toilet on but clean and tidy very well done

steph almost 3 years

After having a horror experience getting into Cambodia (four hours waiting in a bus at the border), using Mekong Express was incredible. They were smooth and professional, the bus was little dated but we were all extremely comfortable and impressed.

Sarah Barker about 3 years

Despite trouble finding the bus stop - this was a very easy border crossing thanks to the staff. The seats were comfy! A good trip over to Ho Chi minh

Whatever about 3 years

Reasonably good company, bus are a bit old but OK. It does not stop every 10 minutes to pick up and drop off so that's nice. There is very little legroom though... If possible prefer mini van, otherwise this bus is a fair solution to travel

Very efficient and nice staff about 3 years

Great bus! Unfortunately the seats we booked on bookmebus were taken so we ended up on the back row.

Jairo over 3 years

Scratchmaster over 3 years

Was forced to spend extra $20 for a "special visa service" by the inspector, who implied he would drop me at the border and would not bring my passport with the others if I did not pay him $20 for the special service. I was cheated by this company.