Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

Megan Hale over 2 years

Guglielmo almost 3 years

Worst trip ever. I don't know how we survived.The driver was a criminal.No respect for the rules, azardous overtakings in a narrow and crowded street.Totally unsafe.Ovviusly no wifi no snacks.The driver speaking nothing but Cambodian.Matter for acomplain

Jureerut Boonjak almost 3 years

Service was very good and on time.

Chew Wai Cheong almost 3 years

Comfortable journey

George almost 3 years

It was awful. The driver got into a bad accident and swerved us off the road and almost tipped the bus over. He then ran away along with his driving partner and left all the passengers in the middle of the night. New bus showed up 1 hour and a half later.

Cristina Moragues about 3 years

I took this service because of the wifi provided and there was none! Also, it supposed to be an express service with no stops, and the van stopped so many times that we arrived one hour late, so I couldn't have lunch. An absolute bad service. It's a lie!

Chansopheak Hem about 3 years

The driver drove very fast and the van was so dumpy unlike the previous time.

Sab over 3 years

Great trip, we were picked up on time and the bus even arrived early in Sihanoukville. Very comfortable bus with good aircon and great legroom. Nothing to complain about.

Melani over 3 years

good trip over 3 years

more than 4h but good driver, comfortable seats.