Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Battambang to Phnom Penh

Helen over 2 years

we picked up a extra passaenger which wasn't a problem. We dropped him off a few hours into the trip. We took a turn off & came up to a gate which was open, we drove in and the gate was closed behind us. It was what I think a Islamic school. It scared me

Keikokit almost 3 years

Enough leg rooms and comfortable seat. It only stops once for dinner break.

Carol almost 3 years

Excellent trip. Very comfortable van. Driver very good. Highly recommend.

Karolina almost 3 years

90-100 km/hour in crazy traffic on bumpy roads to PP. Some bypassings were so close to dangerous that we held our breath. Whats the hurry? I'd rather have a longer trip than have to hold on to my seat, especially when mine had no seatbelt.

Francesca almost 3 years

It would be better for Bookmebus sell no longer Mekong express. In the bus there was no room for the laggages. So we travelled with our bags on the knees. No matter to say w there was no wifi and no snacks. The driver was no english speaking.

Peter Lang about 3 years

Melissa about 3 years

Safe comfortable drive .Driver friendly and approachable

Melani over 3 years

Rowena Williams over 3 years

Driver drove really really fast.

Kamila over 3 years

Our seats were sold twice-we were asked to seat at the back of the bus even though we had our seats reservation confirmed.My husband suffers from travel sickness so he cannot seat at the back.We explained it to the stuff but they were unwilling to help.