Traveler reviews for Kim Seng Express from Phnom Penh to Mondulkiri

Chan almost 2 years

Driver drives very fast. He almost hit animals on the street.

Kuba about 2 years

Took PP-Mondulkiri. Decent ride, no issues, no delays, was a Ford van, a bit worn out, but with good AC, ok seats and ok legroom. Could improve by allowing to book specific seats online like other bus companies.

Dan, Australia almost 3 years

Trip departed on time (do not be late), driver constantly received and made mobile calls the entire 6 hr drive and spoke no English. Bus was over crowded with luggage/parcels/etc which should be stored on roof of bus. Locals give preference of seats!

P.O. over 3 years

Prompt leaving and arrived on schedule, comfortable seats and two evenly-spaced rest stops. Same quality service on return journey. Third time to Mondulkiri, never had a problem.