Traveler reviews for Buva Sea from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong

Felix over 2 years

Everything okay / good except the delay of departure (around 40 min).


The boat was more than 1.5h late and the inspector was absolutely incompetent to organise the queue and the different queus + boat times. To make it worse, the acessibility to the boat was quite bad as the wooden stairs were broken and fixed to old seats

Trip was ok but over crowded and late almost 3 years

Trip was ok but the boat left 30mins late for each trip. It was over crowded with more people than seat and not enough life jackets if needed. Safety should be the No 1 priority. I would choose a different ferry provider next time.

Mei about 3 years

Pleasant drive to Koh Rong

Vivian about 3 years

Boat arrived late when we were leaving for Koh Rong. It left 40 mins after our scheduled departure time. It was 15 mins late when we left the island. They ran out of seats and some had to sit on the ground. Would not recommend

cmorgan9911 over 3 years

Boat left a bit late, 10 mins. Crossing was about 40 mins from step on the boat to step off the boat. Bit confusing from office staff as to when/where to go to catch ferry. All said, worth the money for a return trip and recommend. New, safe reliable boat