Traveler reviews for Mekong Explore from Phnom Penh to Phu Quoc Island

Never again, it took 13 gours instead of 6 almost 2 years

They picked us up 40 minutes too late. Due to very bad road conditions, traffic jam+2 broken wheels we lost so much that we didnt made it to the fast ferry on time. Had to wait 2 more hrs for the slow boat that took 3 hrs. We arrived at the hotel at 8pm!

Tavernier almost 2 years

Old Minibus for 13 people. No space for luggage and legs. Driver left us To thé border and he did not give information because he doesnt speak english. We had 2 hours late. On arrival To phu quoc ferry no bus for us waiting. Wé used taxi To finish our tr

Linnea about 2 years

The worst company ever. I would never travel with them again, and I’m seriously glad to be alive since the driver drove like he had a death wish. And the border crossing was just chaos. Trust me: Don’t go with them!

Mahwane Eric about 2 years


Ris about 2 years

Driver waited for late customers for 45 min and add to that very bad roads, meant for him speeding then sudden braking when toad very bad or he just crashed through bad potholes. Terribly uncomfortable ride

Dot over 2 years

The trip was super punctual, we left on time both on pickup and at the ferry. Only downside was that the drop off point was not what the booking map had indicated. But not a big deal, and was still good value, thanks!

Carl Sennsyk over 2 years

Your "bus trip" consisted of: One tuk tuk One bus Another bus Walking 1 km across the border A van Another van #crazyshit

Emily almost 3 years

Do not do this. You do not arrive on PhuQuoc at 2 you arrive at 7.30pm with the company lying about timings the whole way. They make you change bus(broken) then spend an hour driving round picking others up meaning you miss ferry/wait for the 4pm slow one

Alfonso almost 3 years

It was 2 hours longer than expected and the driver was a bit reckless (no more than the other Cambodian drivers), there was air conditioning and the seat was acceptable. They were very punctual in the pickups and they accompanied us at all times.Satisfied

Sanika Raje almost 3 years

PATHETIC in one word! It’s a lie that you’ll reach in 6.5 hours! We reached in more than 12 hours! There’s a delay and waiting throughout. Take you to Kampot before Ha Tien to change van. Bags flew out of van midway! Put us on slow ferry instead of fast!