Traveler reviews for K.S.O Transport Co. Ltd from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

Nadia over 1 year

We booked a 1.30pm Van which was meant to arrive at 5.30pm but we were told that the bus had 'broken down' (aka there were not enough passengers) and were moved onto a 2.45pm van with another company that didn't have Wi-Fi and the journey took over 7 hrs!

Krisje about 2 years

The driver dropped us off at an abandoned gasstation. Because of that, we had to pay a tuk tuk driver 11 dollar to get us to the right place. It was not the place they promised tot drop us off and now it was very expensive and unpleasant.

Chrissy over 2 years

Good service, clean bus, cosy but enough space to have a decent rest. Only bad thing: bus left with at least half an hour delay in Phnom Penh and arrived 2 hours late in Sihanoukville, apparently due to some issues with a wheel that had to be fixed.

Sacha Keijer almost 3 years

Afwul ride. Drive drove like an idiot. Passing other cars when ever he wanted. Often there was not enough room to pass otter cars. He stoppd outside of Sihanoukville where tuktukdrivers tred to scam us to get out of the bus and get into overpriced tuktuk