Traveler reviews for Phnom Penh Sorya from Phnom Penh to Kampot

Pascal Krols over 1 year

Nothing to complain . Very safely drive

Pascal over 1 year

Nothing to complain . Very safely drive

Siheng over 1 year

They overbooked

Dubious Company and driver over 1 year

At the end, we had over 2 hours delay. Driver was always using his phone and stopped everywhere to give people a ride for some bribe! AC dripped, so the seat was wet.

Tara Quinn almost 2 years

A truly terrible experience. Bus filled with strong fumes and smoke but the driver wouldn’t stop until half of the bus was choking. It then stopped by the side of the road. No attempt to apologise. Waited 3 hours. Left PP 10am arrived 10.30pm. No meals!

Cgrav almost 2 years

No complaints for the price I paid!

Abigail Hayes almost 2 years

I didn’t use accommodation etc...but because of the great customer service over email I gave you full starts. Quick response and solved my issue very quickly

Bella almost 3 years

Had a great journey. Bus was on time and the staff was really helpful and friendly.

Anna over 3 years

The website was saying 3hours from PP to Kampot, and it took us 5h30 because the bus was going to Kep first and made a lot of stops during the journey. Next time, indicate all stops and actual arrival hour please