Traveler reviews for Champa Mekong from Kampot to Sihanoukville

Jenna over 1 year

Old van, not much space, bags at my feet, dirty.. And driver was a bit mad!

Cgrav almost 2 years

Left late but fast driver so still arrIved on time. The road from kampot to Sihanoukville is one of the worst roads I've ever seen but the driver navigated around the pot holes well

Lotte almost 2 years

Overall it was ok, but what’s the point in booking a specific bus (12 seats) and selecting a specific seat (front) if the bus used is completely different (22 seats) and everyone sits randomly where they want?

Stef almost 2 years

We did not get the ferry which we booked with Campa Mekong. At our arrival in Sihanoukville the inspector told us that we will be picked up by the ferry company. But nobody came and no further information were given...

Marthe almost 2 years

Don’t book the 7:30 am bus! It doesn’t exist. Unfriendly staff. Not professional. Driver didn’t spoke english, no communication possible. He was just loughing about me. I nearly missed my ferry.

... almost 2 years

Place of pickup is not correct on the map. Bus was SO LATE making us miss ongoing travel for that day. Staff only laughed when we told them. Go with another company

Annoyed traveller almost 2 years

DO NOT GO WITH THIS BUS COMPANY. The time on ticket was 7.30. We got there at 7 and was told it does not leave till 8.15. It did not leave until 8.45. This made us miss our ferry to Koh Rong. Pay $1/2 more and go with a better company!

Chris almost 2 years

Time: one and a half hour late Bus: very bad condition Friendliness: no information, no help

Marta over 2 years

Departure should be at 7.30 am, we left at 8.15 am by different bus. It was big mess nobody didnt know anything.

Never ever!!!! over 2 years

Avoid using this company!!!! We had a really bad experience with them 2 days ago so we rather decided not to go with them on the next trip but get a private car, while we already had ticket! Bookmebus, why are you promoting this good for goodness company?