Traveler reviews for Nattakan from Siem Reap to Bangkok

Chia about 2 years

The comfort room is dirty.

Luiza Maniero about 2 years

neveragain over 2 years

AIRCON WAS NOT WORKING PROPERLY, SMALL LEG ROOM, DRIVERS DID NOT UNDERSTAND AND SPEAK ENGLISH. Picture of the bus shown in bookmebus was not the same bus we were able to take. Only good thing was that they provided food for lunch. Overall bad experience.

Anonymous over 2 years

The bus left the terminal late (about 30 minutes). Nonetheless, we didn't have to transfer to another bus, the driver was cautious in driving, and the inspector was approachable. Overall, we arrived in Bangkok late but safe.

Dom over 2 years

Aircon not working properly Water coming out of the toilet streaming inside the bus Bus was old and in general not in a good condition

Anna Teslenko over 2 years

Very clean, fast and comfortable! I didn’t expect it to be that good. The staff was helping and providing best service. Recommended!

Agnes over 2 years

Lee over 2 years

Would not travel on this bus again!!!! Equipment was dirty and run down. We were told they would only wait 1 hr for us to clear customs which took 2.5 hrs in total and then they would leave without us. This turned into a nightmare trip.

Kay almost 3 years

One major issue is when we arrived at the border of cambodia and thailand. The conductor just shouted "passport!". We have no idea what he was talking abt he didnt instruct us properly so we almost got lost. Next time make sure to inform the passengers.

Morgan about 3 years

Wonderful drivers. Would definitely recommend to anyone traveling between BKK and Siem Reap.