Traveler reviews for Nattakan from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Eastasia over 3 years

If booking online make sure you go to ticket desk first to get real ticket, email says present email but this not case.. Good service. Snack, lunch and water, ice coffee provided. Left BKK 8.30am arrive Siem reap before 6.00. Border was very easy. Cheers

Zsolt over 3 years

We printed out our e(?)ticket after the booking which I thought will be eligible for boarding. At the bus terminal it turned out you have to exchange your "voucher" to a valid ticket. The bus was comfortable and clean, we had 2 meals durring the journey.

Tobias over 3 years

There was no bus at 8:30. We were lucky that free seats were on the 9:00 bus. Otherwise we probably had no bus at all. Furthermore bookmebus Support gave me wrong advise that there would be an ATM at the border in cambodia but there is no :( never again

Jesper over 3 years

A/c on the bus works Very well so wear some extra clothes. Border passing is a bit surrealistic. Dont listen to the People trying to help you get visa before you have gone through thai borde.r.

Tara Dignam over 3 years

Everything we've very smoothly. Very much appreciate the inspector showing photos of the offices on the border. It was a great help! Very friendly and professional service. I would recommend to others

FB over 3 years

Arbheen Balaoing over 3 years

Mike over 3 years

Excellent and safe driver, no excessive speed. The seats were comfortable, and the border transit was very well managed. The en-route meal was very good, far better than on Thai railway from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

MPCN over 3 years

Trip went smoothly, border crossing was easy, food and beverage provided. Free tuk tuk ride to hostel if you want it, i didn't use it but others did. Happy with service. Would use again.