Traveler reviews for Mekong Express from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Yes over 2 years

Driving and bus was great. However did not get the seats we had booked for and we had to sit separately as a result

Hannah over 2 years

Good service, got us there in good time, would use again

Esther van der Merwe over 2 years

Our driver was an hour late. Just outside Phnom Penh two locals were picked up...did not seem like they paid and they were quite loud. Wifi did not work. However, driver was very nice and drove HOOTING, which was fabulous

Bella about 3 years

Best drive I've had in Cambodia so far! We arrived even before time, there is a lot of leg space in the Van and the driver was doing a great job.

Yam over 3 years

Took the minibus from PP to SR after the Cambodian New Year. It was only me and another passenger. The ride was uneventful which is good, however couldn't find the wifi nor did the driver bring it up. It was fine since it's a good 5 hr nap to SR.

Reliable Company, Varying Vehicle Quality over 3 years

I use Mekong Express regularly and I like them, overall. They are usually very dependable, however some of their vehicles are not well maintained. On my last trip, we had to listen to a faulty "door-ajar' alarm which sounded through the entire trip.