Traveler reviews for Kampot Express from Phnom Penh to Kampot

Rrr almost 2 years

H.Z. about 2 years

Air conditioner is bad.

Mick about 2 years

Fast and comfortable

Mark about 2 years

Set off on time & arrived on time. And the driver was safe by Cambodian standards : )

Susan Morris over 2 years

I had seat no. 15 and was very cramped. Also, I was on the side of the mini-van with sun shining. It was so hot, the air con was not sufficient. No water was provided.

Dutch solo traveller over 2 years

Quick ride, however don’t book the first row. It lacks lag space.

Steven over 2 years

No seatbelts, a NO GO considering Cambodian traffic and the way people drive here, especially buses.

pantin over 2 years

Fast trip in a recent a/c minivan. Good prices too. Will use the service again!

Marco over 2 years

All good, even WiFi working most of the trip

PP Expat over 2 years

Solid bus service, left on time, typical of other bus services in KH. Seats in the very back are uncomfortable; be sure to choose other row. Also, do not expect spare seats!