Traveler reviews for Phuong Trinh (Cambodia) Tourism from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh

Javiera over 2 years

the bus that I bought did not arrive and they told me that I had to wait for the next one that arrived in 3 hours more. When arriving at the border of Cambodia they threw me out of the bus because I did not have a visa so it was a very bad experience !!

Sopheana over 2 years

Bookmebus puting wrong schedule, i book at 9am but happened that PT claim that was wrong schedule , a good driver and friendly bus assistant, the problem is passenger pick up after the cambodian border make the journey last 8 hours from Hochiminh to PP

Eimear O'Brien about 3 years

Awful experience with the intimidating inspector. He didn't recognise Evisa and was annoyed by this. Was rude and shouted at us on a number of occasions. Made no attempt to try to communicate. We had to look for an English speaking person at the border.