Traveler reviews for TCT Mondulkiri Express from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom [removed]

Ok trip over 2 years

Quite good safe journey. Unfortunately the break stops were horendous! Khmer music was playing too loud for most of the trip. It was ok at first but after a few hours it drove us insane!

patrizia over 2 years

Good service, just a small disruption changing the bus after the first 10 minutes of trip. Not room enough for luggages, but overall a good trip.

Wagner over 2 years

The bus transportation was great due to a sympathetic driver. Despite a problem with the motor which was too hot due to a leak, we arrived at destination! Thank you for that. Not a lot of place for the legs but comfortable seats anyway, so a good company.

csoka over 2 years

no space for foot and van smells like dead fish

BJAY100 over 2 years

Very satisfied with this transportation. The mini-van was comfortable and clean, not overloaded, with functioning seat-belts. The driver stopped at appropriate times for breaks. Would recommend this service.

K over 2 years

Good service, no delays. Travel time here on bookmebus said 5hrs, but I doubt it can be shorter than 5:30-6 hrs. Also forgot my jacket in the van. Retrieved it from the station couple hours later with no problems. Definitely recommend this one!