Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom [removed]

Wow great company about 3 years

Arrived 5 mins late (Tuk-tuk broke down). They had left on time. The woman there told us to hop on her moto (me & my huge bf + huge bags!)& rushed us to catch up with the driver just so we could make it. She is officially my hero. Tight squeeze but fair!!

Hilde about 3 years

Very good journey. Comfortable and efficient.

Gio about 3 years

Excellent service.

Philip over 3 years

It was like Mario Kart in real life. Dude was driving like 160 kmh, driving on the left side of the road all of the time, honking at everything that we crossed at the road, people were crying and everything... To put it short, best ride of my life 10/10!!