Traveler reviews for RITHYA MONDULKIRI EXPRESS from Mondulkiri to Phnom Penh

Shiatsudave over 2 years

Another good service. Not quite as good as the journey from Phnom Penh, simply because the bus was older and one of the passengers vomited. But otherwise a great service. Check in was efficient, they let me use wifi and bathroom. Excellent.

Lälex almost 3 years

Worst bus trip in cambodia. No space! Car got broken. The bus which picked us up after the other car was broken, was full of cockroach. So disgusting! Never again!

Hana about 3 years

Driver was nice, but cannot speak english.We don´t know when and for how long is stop for break. Drive fast but many stops pick up people or some boxes. We arrive 15minutes late. In Sen Monorom the lady who check tickets no english and very unfriendly.

Pedro Godinho about 3 years

Safe option comparing to the big bus. Some of the vehicles are old but all have air conditioning and reasonable conditions

Mark about 3 years

Family of 5 with kids aged 6,9,10. GOOD-AC worked, efficient and on time, made plenty of stops. Broke down, needed brakes replaced, and still made it to destination on time. BAD-very cramped

Lian over 3 years

Acoitding to their own schedule, we legt 20 minutes late and arrived 40 minutes. Also because we made more stops than the toilet stops. Main issue: an older, less comfortable bus was used.

Amélie De Vriendt over 3 years

Margaux & Kevin over 3 years

On time, and we have a bottle of water on the bus. But the driver drived very fast, it was scared

So bad over 3 years

We booked and paied for the bus. Called the night before to arrange pick up, the next day they didn't show up. they hung up every time we called them. By coincidence we arrived at the bus station, got on the bus finally and then the driving home was crazy