Traveler reviews for RITHYA MONDULKIRI EXPRESS from Mondulkiri to Siem Reap

Inês over 1 year

MacroDaddy over 1 year

Best the driver could have done with tools at his disposal. Van was ok in morning but lots of breaks with bonnet up. Van breakdowns led to push starts at least twice. Looked to be alternator and/or AC compressor issues. Great job driver. do better Rithya

Silvia Bolzoni almost 2 years

The van was full not just of people but also of a lot of parcels and the delay was due to all these parcels delivery along the road, was really the worst trip I had in Cambodia and 18 dollars for a thing like this is inacettable

Jade Hanson about 2 years

Overall experience was awful. The bus was overpacked with belongings which made the journey terrible. The driver stopped at so many points to deliver parcels to local people we arrived late. There should be less people on the bus and less bags as no space

Skyla about 2 years

Driver refused to turn on A/C in the van , full with 15 people, on an 8 hour drive. Didn’t enjoy that part.

Stefan about 2 years

The aircon broke early on and the driver found a mechanic who could fix it. Overall no complains, we got to Siem Reap in time, had several stops on the way to pick people up and drop them off. Sure driving is a bit more adventurous, such is life here.

patrizia over 2 years

Good service and punctuality, quite comfortable. Nothing to complain

Burntbrit over 2 years

Advertised as having water and Wi-fi, didn’t have either. I also couldn’t really feel the air con/fan.

Rigo Martina over 2 years

W. over 2 years