Traveler reviews for CTT Transportation from Sihanoukville to Kampot

Alessandro Frison almost 3 years

Hayley about 3 years

Lara about 3 years

Given wrong departure point by when I asked for confirmation,they sent a phone number.Not helpful.Found email for the company,they collected us. Bus was late,I’ve had more comfortable rides dune bashing in Dubai.No wifi,picked up two randoms

Bianca about 3 years

Wrong location given to meet the bus so we sat idle on the street with no explanation.Took off 25 minutes late with no explanation. Rude driver who refused to turn the air conditioning down just a little. Unsafe driving as he was on phone half the time.

Beth about 3 years

45min wait at pickup place before and overloaded tuktuk arrived after we called delivering us to the company office where we waited another 40 for the minibus. Driving was pretty scary, arrived about 1.5 hours late. Wouldn't use again

Jenny about 3 years

I booked a bus at 1.15pm. It got cancelled because I was the only passaenger. They didnt manage to book me a seat with another bus company - apparently others were fully booked due to the holiday. I departed more than 2 hours later. The drive was fast.

Sandi about 3 years

normal bus not VIP over 3 years

We paid 8 Dollars for a "VIP" bus. Our prebooked seats (number 6+7) were occupied when we hopped on, water was not provided, only when we got off the bus, we saw it under the seats - noone showed us, WLAN did not work, driver didn't care, it was ok.

Lara clostur over 3 years

Horrible!!! No Space for anything and ist smells! Driver transported Durian.


We booked by a bus from Sihanoukville to Kampot.We arrived at the departure point that marked on the map and we found a tuk tuk that takes us to the bus for 3 dollars just to travel 150 meters.They are messy.