Traveler reviews for Champa Mekong from Sihanoukville to Kampot

Irene over 1 year

Martine over 1 year

Gala over 1 year

The trip simply didn't take place. We've been told they didn't receive booking confirmation from bookmebus. After 1.5 hours of waiting she managed to get her husband on board of their car to drive us to Kampot. She wanted extra money. 3 hours delay. Bad.

Daniel G. over 1 year

The station has been the dirtiest one in our month here. No english in the office and neither the driver. It was a private old car. We left 30 minutes later and arrive 1 hour later too. The driver wanted some Usd for dropping us closer to hostel.

Prima almost 2 years

We hadden een minivan geboekt, maar door meerdere reizigers kregen we een grote bus. 1 persoon werd overboekt en werd in het midden op de gang geplaatst op een plastieken stoeltje. Voor de rest tevreden van de organisatie, op tijd en vriendelijke service.

Manon almost 2 years

Avraham almost 2 years

Disappointed but not surprised about 2 years

Bookmebus are fantastic but Champa Mekong not really. Bus was an hour late, we were seated for 15-20min while they washed the bus & we stopped shortly after leaving to pick up more people & get petrol. Bus so full luggage was stored under passengers feet!

Frederic about 2 years

Booked seats way ahead but got pushed on terrible spare seats by a guy who worked there. Bus overbooked, some people who had already paid couldn’t board. Avoid

Anon over 2 years

Paid for what was told a VIP van to kampot, ended up being told they don't run VIP vans there on the day I booked and was crammed into a bus. Not at all the experience that was advertised and took an hour just to leave sihnoukville.