Traveler reviews for Phnom Penh Sorya from Phnom Penh to Kratie

Kerstin Oppermann 7 months

The driver was not so concentrated. But he knew where the horn is.

Scott over 1 year

The ride was fine given all the road construction. The driver was horn happy He'd beep his horn at anything that moved. Beeped that loud horn every 30 seconds for the first two hours of the trip. I'm not exaggerating.

Michael over 1 year

We arrived 2 hours late in Kratie and were never informed about what happened.

paultrademark over 1 year

Bus was ok, only people on it for last few hours and seemed to go long way to destination, over 1 hr late which isn't too bad for Cambodia

Steve almost 2 years

A smooth journey with a careful driver. Quite a lot of unscheduled toilet stops but better than wet seats.

David almost 2 years

Good service. Friendly staff, comfortable seats. An hour late arriving into Kratie.

Ian BROOKES aka Angkorlad over 2 years

Given that I had pre-booked and was ticketed for seat number six (6) it was unreasonable to be displaced from this seat so that another could sit there. Otherwise it was the standard slow six and a half hour trip from Phnom Penh to Kratie.

Cambodia bound over 2 years

Sorya buses are awful. Broken seats, dirt everywhere, infrequent bathroom stops, being told to get off and pee along the road with men, no seat belts, rude driver constantly honking & driving dangerously,, no wifi. Never again. I dread the return trip.

Stacey over 2 years

Good bus trip. Buses could be a bit cleaner but overall fine

Fabio almost 3 years