Traveler reviews for KHAI NAM TRANSPORTATION from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

Marcus Alexander Svendsen over 1 year

Driver was very rude + he honked 5000 times On the way

Foreign Customer over 1 year

At the border the staff of the bus refused to give us our passports and let us go through immigration on our own. We kept asking when we would get our passports back, this is highly suspicious. We will not travel with you again because of this.

MTolentino over 1 year

I'll never use Khai Nam again! We were left at border 'cause "we took too long" but it was Khai Nams staffs fault 'cause they didn't have our visas with our passports! Wasnt OUR fault! We were literally only 5 mins longer than everyone else! Staff so rude

Quqng about 2 years

cũng được. tuy nhiên xe hơi cũ

Don Simon over 2 years

The journey was fine, but we arrived in HCMC more than an hour late due to busy late afternoon traffic. Not the fault of the company or driver, but I would book a much earlier service next time (this one left Phnom Penh at 1030am)

Kim Britten over 2 years

Very efficient service. The bus left on time, made a couple of rest breaks on route, border crossing was swift & painless (everyone already had visas) & although the vehicle wasn't the most modern, the seats were comfy with enough leg space & aircon.