Traveler reviews for Champa Mekong from Phnom Penh to Kep

gueincam over 2 years

Flo S. over 2 years

The drive wasn't how we expected und after all we get tricked. We were transfered to a public bus because they said the minivan isn't fully booked. They earn the difference between the the ticket prices. 8$minivan / 5,85$ P. Bus. 2h late. Lost. no pickup

Driver threatened to beat us!!! almost 3 years

The driver failed to drop us at our guesthouse (we have passed it I realized later on) and since we were the last two passengers he refused to drive back (5min drive!!!) to our guesthouse to drop us off. He became very aggressiv threatened to beat me up!

charlotte cordel over 3 years

The bus made a stop at Kampot, but when I booked my trip nothing is specify... Moreover we made a stop of more than 1 hour, it's not tolerable when we don't know this information. You have to ask the bus company to say it to the customer before