Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

Tracey over 1 year

The trip to Phnom Penh was perfect . Service very good . Would recommend it .

Cyn over 1 year

The ride was fine and the driving was safe. The only hiccup was that there was a cockroach in the just doesn’t inspire me to use Bayon, I did drive back to Sihanoukville with Bayon and the second ride, there wasn’t anything.

Nadia Del Sere over 1 year

It was a pleasant jorney. Thank you.

Jame almost 2 years

Please be more restrictive to the departure and arrival schedule. I almost missed my appointment.

Karolina Auglyte almost 2 years

Bus left almost on time, driver was realy nice and new bus made trip very pleasant. Thank you!

Svödiash cöple about 2 years

Phokkinn Ky about 2 years

Esther over 2 years

Perfect service!