Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh

Seng Kimhong about 2 years

Alessia about 2 years

Daniele Caminiti over 2 years

Good driver. The smell inside the bus was terrible and the seats quite uncomfortable. But still ok for the price

Rowena Mathew over 2 years

It was SO GOOD to get dropped off at Phnom Penh Airport and not have to go into the CBD and out again. I'm so grateful to the customer reps. at Sihanoukville office for making this happen. The bus driver was great too! I'm not sure what 'inspector' means.

Austin Rivera over 2 years

The drive was pretty good. Our driver made decent time with out being too dangerous. The worst part is how long it takes to pick everyone up. It would be far more efficient if all passengers were required to go to the station. We will not take again.

Ve over 2 years

To small space.

Rein over 2 years

The bus ride was OK. We were an hour late, which seems to be normal in Cambodia. The driver did his best given the traffic. There was very little space for luggage on the bus. WiFi worked well. We took a twenty minute break for lunch en route.

Melissa about 3 years

Mathias about 3 years

The worst experience ever. Apparently our 3 seats were booked as 1 seat so we had to sit on the floor. I would like to have my money back for the shittiest ride in history. You should be happy that the ride was so hard we didnt manage to complain on FB...