Traveler reviews for Bayon VIP from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Larisa about 2 years

Very well traveled. The driver made several stops for the toilet. Accomodation not used.

houngmengsoung about 2 years

Anomous about 2 years

So so poor

Huy about 2 years

A/C not good, too cold at evening but too warm at afternoon. No free WiFi on aboard. No room for luggages at rear. But price is cheaper than larger van of course.

Chandra about 2 years

Overall good service . The whole journey is good .

Rob over 2 years

Fast and friendly, aircon worked well and very comfortable

Yin over 2 years

The driver could have told us how long he was Gona stop for when during each break instead of sitting in the restaurant and all of us was standing outside. We got in within 5 years. Overall was alright

Chanthy MEAS over 2 years

The driver is lovely, yet this Van is a bit old and AC not work properly

Miss Julie over 2 years

A really interesting cross country journey. The minivan was overcrowded and uncomfortable. One poor girl sick during the trip. Kept ontime regardless of who was in the way!

Anonymus over 2 years

This Bus is not made for people about 175cm heights... and also not V.I.P.! especially the seat next to the driver is only for very small people and also very uncomfortable. I think this seat should not be sold as a standardseat!